Grave Digger

With metal anthems like ‚Heavy Metal Breakdown‘, Grave Digger became one of the most
influenAal and pioneering bands of the German heavy metal scene since the early 80s, and 2020
will celebrate the 40th anniversary of these Teutonic metal masters in glorious style!
On their 20th studio album, Atled Fields Of Blood, the band around frontman Chris Boltendahl
conAnues their epic Highlands story! Fields of Blood is the logic consequence of a legendary trilogy
and an auditory baMle of unique tradiAonal metal. Slated for a release on May 29th via Napalm
Records, Fields Of Blood will take us on an emoAonal journey through ScoTsh history and into
explosive sound landscapes. Driving riffs and epic choruses meet the famous „Great Highland
Bagpipes“: In the Highlands, the baMlefields of SArling, Bannockburn and Culloden, the listener will
find himself on a rollercoaster between grief and triumph again, suffers and wins with the ScoTsh
freedom fighters. A]er „The Clans Will Rise Again“ and „Tunes Of War“, Grave Digger close their
Highland saga in epic style. Today, the iconic band has not only unveiled the incredible album
artwork, but is also sharing a first single to the epic magnum opus, “All For The Kingdom”! And hell
yes, this track perfectly sets the scene for the final and long-awaited part of their ScoTsh highland
trilogy: „All for the Kingdom“ is a mercilessly epic song that shows the direcAon of the new Grave
Digger album. No prisoners are taken here and Grave Digger prove what they do best even a]er
40 years of their impressive band history. Choruses and riffs that cut into your ear canals and
hearts to stay there, as well as hundreds of thousands Highlanders have remained on the
baMlefields, believing in a beMer life in freedom and independence. Watch Grave Digger’s brand
new video for the dri]ing riff and heavy metal masterpiece, “All For The Kingdom”, HERE!
“We did it again and put on the kilts… as we always got fascinated by Scotland and its history.“
Says frontman Chris Boltendahl. “For a long Bme we considered when the right Bme would be to
return to the Highlands, delve into their legends and myths. Our 40th band anniversary seems to be
the right occasion for this and so we take you on a trip for the third Bme… put on the kilts and pull
out your swords and axes, follows us to SBrling and Culloden and experience up close ScoJsh
history, up close, authenBc and emoBonal. As William Wallace / Braveheart said: Yes, they may
take our lives. But they never take away our freedom!“


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