Toxic Army

Toxic Army is a band from Mallorca (Spain) formed in 2006 mostly by
The line-up consists of Laura Diablo on the throaty and melodic vocals
and making the electronic sounds, Eva Impaler on guitar, Silvia Panic
on bass and Carlos Ruso on drums. Each member comes from different
metal styles from Thrash to Black Metal.
Laura has been also the lead singer of Venus Diablo (Gothic-Rock),
VenusInferna (Rock-metal) and Pregnant Doll (Punk-Riot-Grrl band). Eva
is also the guitarist of Unburial (Black Metal), she has a solo project
named Doom of Valyria (based on Game of Thrones books) and exbassist
of Agorazheim (Black Metal). Silvia and Carlos are both exmembers
from Blind Panic (Thrash Metal) and Golgotha (Doom Metal).
Silvia also plays bass in Psideralica (Industrial Rock).
The band came out of a jam session at Sala Assaig (Mallorca), from that
moment the three girls decided to continue the project into the
Industrial- tinged Metal direction. After different options, backwards and
forwards with distinct drummers, they went with Carlos who had worked
with some of them already.
Once the band was completed, they made their début performance at
the Tunnel Alternative Pub (Mallorca) in 2011. This concert brought them
to perform in the Neotokio Electronic Music Festival at the Museum of
Modern Art “Es Baluard” (Palma de Mallorca).
They reached the Final of the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle Spain in
2014, and were again semifinalists in the WOA Metal Battle Spain in
Toxic Army has been part of The Gothic Fest part of the III Meeting
Gothic Mallorca in 2013.
Headliners of the I Industrial Party 2017 in Mallorca organized by the
Gothic Virus Culture Association.
The band has performed in different Spanish places like Barcelona and
Asturias. In 2019 visited Germany (Bielefeld) for the very first time.
In 2018 the band was selected for the Femme Metal Battles in
Düsseldorf, but due to familiar issues the band could play at the battles.
3 members went to the battles to support the event and they were asked
to join the jury finally. In 2019 has been selected again for the Femme
Metal Battles and reached the Final Battle in Eindhoven (Netherlands).
Laura also were part of the jury in the WOA Metal Battle Spain Final in
The band has been interviewed and has appeared several times in the
Metal Hammer Spain Magazine, being one of the sponsors of their live
Laura, Silvia and Eva played part in the last Motörhead video “When the
sky comes looking for you”, released in 2015.
They have published three singles, “To Death”, “Toxine” and
“Mechanical Prototype” produced by Pablo Ochando Korhonen.
“Toxine” became the first video of the band, released in January 2016.
“Mechanical Prototype” video has been released in December 2016,
directed by French Frederic Tort.
Currently working on their first EP, where one of the singles will be
“Оксанa” (Oksana) written entirely in Russian in honor of the Chernobyl
disaster victims.
Sounding like a bomb, the band has an enraged live performance
embellished with a carefully esthetics clothing, now more postapocalyptical
than ever.


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