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Full Metal Holiday 2019 – First info


The preparations for the next edition of Full Metal Holiday: Destination Mallorca are taking up speed!

As already announced the second edition will take place from Monday Oct. 14th to Monday Oct. 21st, 2019 (incl. arrival and departure).

We are aiming to start the pre-sale in the midst of January. The exact date will follow soon. If you don't want to miss anything than you can pre-register to get an e-mail notification as soon as the pre-sale starts.

All further information as well as the first wave of bands will follow within the next weeks!

Until then we already want to wish you all merry X-MAS and a Happy New Year!

FMH Team

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Visitor Survey regarding Full Metal Holiday

Dear Friends!

Of course we want to know how you liked the first edition of Full Metal Holiday and/or what you didn't like. As already announced we have prepared an online survey for Full Metal Holiday: Destination Mallorca which is now online and we ask for active participation.

The survey is completely anonymous and all demographic information of yourselves are entirely on a voluntary basis.

The link to the survey can be found below!

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FMH Area Map available for download!

Dear friends,

only one week is left until Full Metal Holiday: Destination Mallorca starts!

For your orientation in advance we have now uploaded the finished area map of the Iberostar Club Cala Barca.

Besides all the regular restaurants, pools and facilities you can also see the position of the 2 stages, the merchandise booth and so on!

You can download the area map below!

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Full Metal Holiday – Running Order, one band cancellation and two additions!

Today we can finally present you the Running Order for Full Metal Holiday: Destination Mallorca!


Further we have two more bands but also one cancellation.
Sadly Knorkator have to cancel their appearance at Full Metal Holiday. Vocalist Stumpen has injured his knee and had to undergo an operation. Due to this and the following weeks of rehab it impossible for the band to play the show at FMH.
The good news is that we have two more acts that will join us and complete the billing of Full Metal Holiday: Destination Mallorca.

THUNDER MOTHER is currently one of the hottest acts of the hard rock and heavy scene! The all female quartet from Vaxjö in Sweden is thrilling the audiences on a regular base with their mix of energetic hard rock driven shows and an endless joy of playing!
This year they have already released their third album and acquired a huge fanbase in Europe and beyond with countless club and festival shows (like Graspop, W:O:A, Bang Your Head or Baltic Open Air just to name a few).

MIT OHNE STROM is an German acoustic duo which is travelling the club and festival landscape for years now. The band delivers acoustic versions of more or less all relevant hits of the last 50 years ranging from Punk and Metal to Rock and Irish Folk.
In 2017 they have released their first own creations on their debut album “Klischee”.

And herewith the billing of Full Metal Holiday: Destination Mallorca is complete!

Important: The travel documents will be forwarded to you this week! More information will follow within the next days!

Full Metal Holiday: Destination Mallorca
14. – 21.10.2018
With: Beyond the Black, Bonfire, Burning Witches, Crisix, Da Rock und Da Waitler, Dirkschneider, Die From Sorrow, Doro, Emil Bulls, Gloryhammer, Hardbone, Helevorn, Jesper Binzer, John Diva and the Rockets of Love,
Kreator, Life Of Agony, Mambo Kurt, Mind Driller, Mit Ohne Strom, Pink Cream 69, Pretty Maids, Ross The Boss, Skindred, Skyline, Thunder Mother, Tri State Corner, Vagabundos Del Lujo, Venom Inc.

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DIE FROM SORROW won the Metal Battle and will join us on Mallorca!

Now after all formalities have been sorted out we can finally confirm that the Metal Battle winner DIE FROM SORROW will join us on Mallorca!

DIE FROM SORROW climbed the way to the top this year! First they managed to beat the competition during the national final round of Metal Battle China and then the progressive/melodic death metal band blew away the competitors from 28 other countries during the international finale at Wacken and became No# 1! Therefore they also earned the opportunity to join us at Full Metal Holiday and we are looking forward to welcome them at Mallorca!

Stay tuned! More news will come soon!

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8 new bands for Full Metal Holiday: Destination Mallorca

Today we would like to announce 8 new bands that will be playing on the Full Metal Holiday main stage as well the beach area.

Knorkator have been rocking the stages of the European club and festival scene since 1994. They are known for their bizarre shows underlined with comical elements, triggering a great interaction between crowd and band. 900 concerts, 150 festival appearances (including W: O: A, With Full Force or Highfield Festival), 8 albums and 3 DVD's have already been released by Stumpen, Buzz Dee and Alf Ator - so far, there is no sign of fatigue!

The name Jesper Binzer is primarily associated with his band D-A-D, with which he wrote countless hits. The Danish rock star has been on the road with his eponymous solo project for a while now. On the 3rd of November 2017, after 33 years with the band, his first solo album "Dying Is Easy" was released. After countless festival shows this year, Mr. Binzer will also honor us at Full Metal Holiday: Destination Mallorca and will deliver one of the finest hard rock shows!

Pure hard rock, as it is described in the book, will be delivered by Pink Cream 69! The band, originally from Karlsruhe, has been in the music business for more than 30 years and has released 14 albums, 2 live albums and a DVD. Over the years, the band has performed in countless clubs and at various festivals around the world. In 2017, they celebrated their 30th anniversary with the release of "Headstrong". In October 2018 the band will tear up the entire hotel, purely with their music!

Straight from Palma de Mallorca, Helevorn will be joining us on this unforgettable trip. They already caused a stir with their mix of Gothic and Doom Metal. Fans of bands like Katatonia or Swallow The Sun will have the opportunity to watch a great fusion of metal! The formation, founded in 1999, have released 3 albums and have played countless gigs, including live performances at the Wave Gothic meeting, Devilstone Open Air and many more.

Tri State Corner, which includes members of Rage and Refuge, has been around for a little over 13 years. 4 studio albums and 450 gigs in 22 countries are already under their belt. This year the fifth album, which bears the name “Hero”, was released. Musically, they refer to themselves as bouzouki rock, which can be related to and identified with the Greek influences in their music.

Another Spanish band that will be joining the line-up is Mind Drill. Here you can find tough-sounding Industrial Metal with some German lyrics on the ears. The debut album "Red Industrial" was released in 2010 and the sequel "Circus" in 2015. Fans of bands like Rammstein and Oomph will have a magnificent time listening to this band!

Vagabundos Del Lujo have already caused a stir on the Full Metal Cruise, the W: O: A, the Metapaloz and many other festivals. The two musicians Barish Kasiak and Denis Stern founded the band in Ibiza in 2004 and combine acoustic flamenco sounds with rock and metal. In January 2016, they have already released their 4th album and conquered every stage they have performed on. At Full Metal Holiday they will fire up the beach area with their music!

Of course, the king of solo entertainment will be joining us at the Full Metal Holiday festival. Mambo Kurt himself, the master of Heimorgel, will entertain you with his huge repertoire of home organ covers and his positive vibes. Not just on the beach!

Stay tuned! In the next few weeks we will be announcing the first version of the Running Order, further news to the supporting program as well as additional artists that might join us on this unforgettable holiday!

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Update: The last 100 apartments are on sale plus info regarding Airline packages and upcoming bands!

Dear friends,

we are meanwhile booked out to about 70% and the last 100 apartments are on sale. Single rooms (for up to 2 persons) are completely booked out. There is only a handful of VIP suites available.

The regular 2 room apartments (for 2 to 4 persons) are still available. So if you want to join the hardest vacation of the world you should hurry up!

Further we want to point out that flight packages from airports in Germany, Austria and Switzerland might experience a price increase within the next weeks. Thats because the pricing we have dealt with our partner airlines are expiring. So if you are coming from one of the neighbor countries like Denmark, Netherlands and so on and want to fly from an German, Austrian or Swiss airport near the border you should hurry up! We are trying to keep the current price as long as possible.

And for those waiting for the next bands we have good news. The next wave of bands will be announced in the next week!

Stay tuned. More will follow in the next week!

FMH team

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New star prize for the Metal Battle 2018. The winner of the first prize will play at Full Metal Holiday: Destination Mallorca

The winning band of this year’s Metal Battle will receive a special new prize!

About 30 nations will participate in the worldwide W:O:A Metal Battle competition this year and send their finalists to the main event taking place at the Wacken Open air.

For the five top bands chosen by an international jury a great range of prizes is waiting, which include gear from the endorsement partners as well as trophy money from the Wacken Foundation. This year, more spoils are waiting for the band finishing as number one on top as the lucky winner will be given the opportunity to perform at the Full Metal Holiday: Destination Mallorca – inlcuding travel expanses!

This heavy metal vacation will takes place at the Iberostar Club Cala Barca at the southeast coast of Mallorca and the winners will play alongside such bands as Kreator, Doro, Skindred, Dirkschneider, Life of Agony, and many more acts!
Crisix, the winners of the Metal Battle 2009 will also be there to rock the club in front of almost 2000 metalheads.

You can find all information regarding the Metal Battle here:

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Five more bands for Full Metal Holiday: Destination Mallorca!

With the arrival of Spring in Europe we offer the next batch of bands. These are the five new acts we can confirm for Full Metal Holiday: Destination Mallorco:

British Venom Inc. have been founded by former members of the influential Venom in order to continue the heritage. Just like you have come to know with venom, the band mixes up black, death and heavy metal to their original sound. In 2017, they released their record "AvÈ", this October they will hit the pool landscape at Full Metal Holiday with all of their might!

Pretty Maids have been founded in 1981 and have been carrying the flag of NWoBHM since then - even though they're from Denmark! In their long-running career they have been playing countless shows, festivals and support tours for heroes such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper and many, many more. Their 14th record "Kingmaker" has been released in 2016, now it is time to take their music to Full Metal Holiday!

Burning Witches are an oldschool heavy metal band from Switzerland and are considered to be one of the country's hottest newcomer. With a contract with Nuclear Blast in their hands and a debut album recorded by Destruction's Schmier and V.O. Pulver, things are looking neat for the girls. If this wasn't praise enough, the band have received the title of best demo record from Germany's Metal Hammer and Rock Hard magazines and their singer is often credited to be Rob Halford's lost sister due to her impressive vocal range. As you can see: We are excited to have Burning Witches at Full Metal Holiday!

Da Rocker und Da Waitler from Munich call their style "Authentic Quetschn Crossover", which is a fitting label for this union of punk rock and German folk music. With performances at W:O:A and Full Metal Mountain or opening for bands like Status Quo and Uriah Heep, the two musicians were able to gather a huge fan community around them.

John Diva & The Rockets Of Love have sold theirs souls to rock'n'roll! Look forward to their renditions of evergreens like "Here I Go Again", "Rock You Like A Hurricane", "Poison" and many more which will definitely get the party started. If you like bands such as Steel Panther, these boys are here for you - rock'n'roll meets glam rock at it's best!

Of course these weren't the last additions, more is to come in the next weeks and months - stay tuned!

FMH team

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Doro, Skindred and Life of Agony will join us!

February is here and we have the next amazing bunch of bands that will join us at Full Metal Holiday: Destination Mallorca!

With Doro, Skindred and Life of Agony we can present three more legendary bands which will make Full Metal Holiday an even more unforgettable experience!

Doro is and will always be the true Queen Of Metal. For 30 years the blonde whirlwind from Dusseldorf has been going strong, at first with Snakebite, then with Warlock and after 1989 as a solo artist backed by her band.
We are eagerly looking forward to welcome her at Full Metal Holiday - "Raise Your Fist" for Doro!

If you doubt whether reggae and metal get along, you are wrong! Since 1998, the UK crossover heroes Skindred have proven that these two genres do indeed add up to something truly special.
Therefore it is only fitting to have them join us for Full Metal Holiday, Europe's hardest club vacation!

Records like "River Runs Red" and "Ugly" earned them a place among the most important alternative metal bands of the nineties: Life Of Agony, fronted by Mina Caputo. After having found a great replacement for ex-drummer Sal Abruscato with Veronica Bellino, everything points to a fantastic show at Full Metal Holiday - see you at the stage!

More info and bands will follow soon!

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Announcing 3 new Bands for Full Metal Holiday: Destination Mallorca!

Shortly before Christmas we want to expand our Line-Up and give you some information on 3 bands that will be joining us on Full Metal Holiday. The bands that will be announced today give the Full Metal Holiday Line-Up, a broad diversity in the subgenres of Metal and will be to your liking!

The Spanish Thrash- shooting star CRISIX, the slick British Power Metal band GLORYHAMMER and the atmospheric German Symphonic Metal band BEYOND THE BLACK, will be joining us to rock at the Iberostar Club Cala Barca hotel!

This isn’t everything Full Metal Holiday has to offer. In the next following weeks and months, we will be announcing more Bands. Furthermore, we will be giving you more information on the program that we will be offering at the hotel.


Full Metal Holiday: Destination Mallorca
14. – 21.10.2018
With: Beyond The Black, Bonfire, CrisiX, Dirkschneider, Emil Bulls, Gloryhammer, Hardbone, Kreator, Ross The Boss, Skyline and many more

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FMH Vouchers and information on Niki Airlines

Many of you might be in a situation, not knowing what to buy for your friends or loved ones for Christmas. We can help!
The travel agency “Willst-Du-weg Touristik” is offering travel-vouchers for Full Metal Holiday: Destination Mallorca. You can purchase a voucher for any desired amount.

What do you have to do to purchase a voucher?
Send an email to and state the desired value of the voucher. Don’t forget to name your address, e-mail address as well as your Telephone number. “Willst-Du-weg Touristik” will sort out the rest and will make sure it will arrive on time.

Further information on the flights:
Many of you might have heard that Niki Airlines has filed for insolvency. You do not have to worry, as all flights for the Full Metal Holiday Package were booked with other airlines.
So be ready for a Full Metal Holiday!

We will be announcing more Bands next week. Stay tuned!

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The Emil Bulls have been added to the Line-Up!

Today we can present you the next amazing act for Full Metal Holiday: Destination Mallorca!

The Emil Bulls have been added to the line-up!

The Munich based alternative metal band was founded in 1995. The band celebrated it’s breakthrough with their 2001 record „Angel Delivery Service“ which also included the chart breaking single of their cover version of „Take on Me“ (A-ha) which since then is an inherent part of every live show. Since the early days the band has undergone several musical developments and also the degree of hardness has expanded to full throttle. As you can see and hear Emil Bulls deliver the right mixture to blow the last wrinkles out of your bathing trunks! This fall the Emil Bulls have released their 9th studio album called „Kill Your Demons“ and are more than ever a solid institution on the worldwide festival- and club landscape. We are looking forward to see them at Full Metal Holiday: Destination Mallorca.

Watch out for next week as we will announce more amazing bands!

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Udo, Mille and more musicians are coming to Mallorca - You too?

You want to see the whole area from the aerial perspective? No problem! Just check out the video!

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Booking begins now!

On Monday October 30th, 2017 (05.00 pm) the pre-sale for Full Metal Holiday: Destination Mallorca will begin. Just click at the "Book Now" button and you will be redirected to the booking page.

December 15th, 2017

The Emil Bulls will join us on Mallorca!

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October 27th, 2017

Udo, Mille are going to Mallorca! You too?

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October 26th, 2017

Booking start:


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