Ugly Kid Joe

Ugly Kid Joe is an American hard rock band that was founded in California in 1989 and disbanded in 1997. In 2010 the musicians got together again and worked on a new album, which was finished in 2015.

Musically they combine Hardrock, Heavy Metal and Funk. Ugly Kid Joe became known to a wider audience in Germany mainly through the hit singles Everything About You and Cats in the Cradle, a cover version of Harry Chapin's song.
The name of the band is an allusion to the glam metal band Pretty Boy Floyd, which was quite successful in the 80s. The name was chosen because a joint performance with the band was planned, but was cancelled by Pretty Boy Floyd. Actually they wanted to take the name only for this one gig to emphasize the difference of the two bands, but they kept it.
In October 1991 the EP As Ugly as They Wanna Be was recorded within a few days and released in Europe in May 1992. The title was chosen again with a wink. It was supposed to allude to the album As Nasty as They Wanna Be by Group 2 Live Crew. The song Everything About You attracted the attention of a larger audience for the first time as it was used in the successful film Wayne's World. A relatively simple music video - the whole song was filmed on the beach - followed shortly afterwards and was often shown on MTV. This culminated in As Ugly as They Wanna Be being the first EP to receive multiple platinum awards from the RIAA.
The band's second album, America's Least Wanted, features their most famous songs: Cats in the Cradle, Madman, Goddamn Devil and Everything About You. The album features guest musicians including Dean Pleasants of Infectious Grooves and Rob Halford of Judas Priest. Immediately after the last recordings, the band went on a tour in the USA, first as supporting band for Ozzy Osbourne and finally for Def Leppard.
After the band came back from their European tour in December 1996, it soon became clear that none of the band members wanted to bring their full commitment to the band.
The result of these discussions was the dissolution of Ugly Kid Joe. However, it was emphasized from all sides that they had not separated in a quarrel: For the AC/DC tribute album Thunderbolt a partial reunion of Ugly Kid Joe took place in 1997:

In the December 2009 issue of the German magazine Metal Hammer, Eichstadt said that a reunion was planned for summer 2010. The self-produced 6-track EP Stairway to Hell was finally released in June 2012. The band also played various concerts worldwide.
The album was recorded in Covingtion, Louisiana at Balance Studios under the direction of Dave Fortman (Slipknot, Godsmack, Evanescence).
Die Chemie des Albums ist so stimmig und überzeugend, als wäre die Band niemals weg gewesen. ‘‘Uglier Than They Used Ta Be‘‘, beinhaltet eine Sammlung von kernigen, handgemachten Rock Songs wie ‚‘‘Let the Record Play‘‘,‘‘To The Hard-Hitting‘‘ oder ‘‘Hell Aint Hard To Find‘‘. Dazu emotional gesteuerte Stücke wie “Enemy”. Insgesamt vereinen Ugly Kid Joe auf diesem Album die mit stärksten Songs ihrer Karriere.
‘‘Es ist sehr Facettenreich .‘‘, sagte UKJ Frontman Whitfield Crane ‚‘‘ es gab bei der Produktion viel Enthusiasmus und Talent in einem Raum, und genauso klingt das Album auch.‘‘


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