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Full Metal Holiday: Destination Mallorca will be postponed to 2022!

Dear Metalheads,

for a long time the Covid-19 numbers on Mallorca were going into the right direction so that we and you were full of hope for FMH 2021. But with the recent classification of Spain and thus Mallorca as a high incidence area and after consultation with the local authorities, there is now complete certainty that Full Metal Holiday: Destination Mallorca will unfortunately not take place this year either.

With the progress of the vaccination campaign, we had hoped to the last moment that things would not develop the way they do now but there is currently no further planning possible for a FMH event in 2021.
Furthermore this has to do with the fact that the current conditions on site make it more or less impossible to carry out or restrict the concert experience in such a way that it no longer corresponds to the spirit of the event.

But we have already chosen a new date:
Full Metal Holiday: Destination Mallorca 2022 will therefore take place from
October 10th - 17th, 2022!

We hope to be able to provide you with all information, exchange / reversal options and travel options for new customers as soon as possible.

All customers who have booked their FMH 2021 package up to now will receive an e-mail with all further information from our travel partner in the coming days.

From several positive contacts with you we know how much all of you looked forward to a carefree metal week.

We firmly assume that Corona will no longer rule our world in the next year!

In this sense, stay healthy and positive,


FMH Team & Team